This recipe from “Clean Eating” magazine is DELICIOUS! Although it doesn’t really taste like Skyline or Gold Star chili, it’s sweet & savory & very, very satisfying.

It’s good with or without the pumpkin & I went liberal with the allspice, chili powder, oregano, garlic & cinnamon, but that’s because I really like full-flavored foods.

This is a crock pot recipe, but I’m going to give it to you straight: I’ve never made this in a crock pot. I mixed everything in a large skillet & left to simmer covered on low for an hour or two.

-1 cup chopped yellow onion                     -1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa

-1 lb extra lean ground turkey                   -2 cups jarred tomato sauce

-4 cloves garlic, minced                            -2 cups beef broth

-2 tbsp chili powder                                  -1 cup canned pumpkin

-2 tsp dried oregano                                -1 15oz. can kidney beans (or pinto!)

-1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon                    -1 tbsp raw honey

-1/4 tsp allspice                                       -14 oz whole wheat spaghetti

-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar                     -4 oz low-fat shredded cheddar

1. Cook onions in a large nonstick skillet on medium heat until just softened, about 3 minutes. Add turkey & break up as you cook until browned, about 5 minutes. Stir in garlic, chili powder, oregano, cinnamon & allspice. Cook & stir for 1 minute. Transfer that mixture to a 4-6 qt slow cooker or leave in the skillet & continue.

2. Add cocoa powder, tomato sauce, broth, pumpkin, beans, vinegar & honey. Stir well & let cook in crock pot for 6-8 hours on low or in skillet for 1-2 hours on low/simmer & stir regularly.

3. To serve, cook spaghetti according to directions; top with half of chili & cheese. Garnish with cilantro.  Freeze remaining chili in an airtight  container for up to 3 months. Keeps a week in the fridge.


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