I didn’t need a kit & I didn’t even know cabinet and countertop “transformations” existed. We simply didn’t have the cash to reface, refinish or replace our builders grade cabinets (or countertop, but a post on that later) so I HAD to paint the cabinets. It was the only way. I probably did everything wrong. I didn’t sand, prime, clean or prep the cabinets in any way. I simply picked up a 3/4″ nap roller, then put it down because it left a bumpy texture on my cabinet surface from all the lint depositing into the paint. So then I simply picked up my extra smooth sponge roller specifically for painting cabinets & doors. And went to work.

I L-O-V-E it!  It’s “Polar Bear” by Behr in semi gloss. (I later touched up the doors with high gloss “Polar Bear” for better “scrubbability”.) And I couldn’t be more pleased! And who in the world wantss stainless steel appliances unless you’re also installing stainless steel countertops or cabinets and WHO IN THE WORLD wants to clean that streaky mess on a regular basis?! White is bright, airy, simply beautiful, easy to clean & I love my matching appliances!!! Who doesn’t love an all-white kitchen???


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